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reported adj : made known or told about; especially presented in a formal account; "his reported opinion"; "the reported findings" [ant: unreported]

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  1. past of report

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Remixes of the Dive song "Final Report" from 1991.

Track listing

  1. "Final Report" (Numb Remix) – 4:12
  2. "Final Report" (Monolith Remix) – 4:19
  3. "Final Report" (Die Krupps Remix) – 3:03
  4. "Final Report" (Hybryds Remix) – 3:36
  5. "Final Report" (:Wumpscut: Remix) – 3:24
  6. "Final Report" (Leæther Strip Remix) – 4:45
  7. "Final Report" (Templebeat/Meathead Remix) – 4:22
  8. "Final Report" (Starfish Pool Remix) – 5:48
Picture disc LP:
  1. "Final Report" (Numb Remix)
  2. "Final Report" (Die Krupps Remix)
  3. "Final Report" (Monolith Remix)
  4. "Final Report" (Starfish Pool Remix)
  5. "Final Report" (:Wumpscut: Remix)
  6. "Final Report" (Leæther Strip Remix)
  7. "Final Report" (It Remix)
  8. "Final Report" (Sigillum S Remix)


  • Dirk Ivens - instruments, vocals
  • Don Gordon - production on Numb remix
  • David Collings - production on Numb remix
  • Eric van Wonterghem - production on Monolith remix
  • Jürgen Engler - keyboards and production on Die Krupps remix
  • Chris Lietz - production on Die Krupps remix
  • Sandy Nys - production on Hybryds remix
  • Rudy Ratzinger - instruments on :Wumpscut: remix
  • Claus Larsen - keyboards and production on Leæther Strip remix
  • Paolo Favati - production on Templebeat/Meathead remix
  • M. Teho Teardo - production on Templebeat/Meathead remix
  • Koen Lybaert - production on Starfish Pool remix

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accessible, affirmed, afloat, announced, bandied about, broadcast, brought to notice, bruited about, circulated, common knowledge, common property, current, declared, diffused, disseminated, distributed, going about, going around, in circulation, in print, in the air, in the news, made public, open, proclaimed, propagated, public, published, rife, rumored, spread, stated, talked about, telecast, televised, whispered, whispered about
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